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NO MORE CPAP with Sleep Apnea Relief™

Sleep is a vital part of living a healthy life, yet millions of sleep apnea sufferers do not get the restful sleep that they need. Research shows that sleep apnea is becoming one of the most undiagnosed sleep disorders with as many as 18 million known sufferers. With Sleep Apnea Relief, you can get a good night’s rest the natural way, without a machine.

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From the Developer

Hi I’m Steve Frank. I have sleep apnea and I control it by using Sleep Apnea Relief every night. Yup. Every night. If I forget to take it, I get out of bed and go take it. Because I know that I’m not going to sleep well without it. I’ve been taking it for 7 years because it works. I cannot tolerate the CPAP machine and without the Sleep Apnea Relief I would wake up every 1 ½ minutes. A person simply can’t sleep like that.

It was my own sleep apnea that drove me to develop this product in the first place. I couldn’t use the CPAP and none of the products that were for sale worked. I spent years researching the cause of sleep apnea and when I finally came up with this combination of herbs I was absolutely delighted with how well it works. I haven’t used a CPAP since then.

I’m so sure that you’re going to love this product that I will refund the entire purchase price of your first bottle if it doesn’t meet all of your expectations.

You simply must try this product. Sweet Dreams,

Steven Frank, Innovative Herbalist-Nature’s Rite

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It has been shown that lobeline stimulates the respiratory center within the brain stem, producing stronger and deeper breathing, which helps explain why lobelia is useful for respiratory complaints.Andrew Chevallier, FNIMHEncyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
I couldn't stand sleeping with my CPAP. With this stuff, I don't need it any more. Enclosed, please find my check for 4 bottles.Michael B.
I was unable to get a decent night's sleep all week and then your product arrived. I slept like a baby THAT NIGHT!!. I love this stuff!!Jason Doppler
After Rosa started using the sleep apnea machine in 2010, the machine did not improve her symptoms and she ceased using the machine. After I later read in the Health Sciences Institute report of October, 2011, about the benefits of your Sleep Apnea Relief medicine, and Rosa started taking the medicine, Rosa’s sleep apnea has been cured and she has been able to sleep well ever since.Richard W.